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High pressure washers taken from the mains water, the introduction of high pressure at cold whether hot or by machines is whether the detergent like a water machine in the pistol with the pressure altitude at the end of the hose and flow pattern to the application of high pressure water to the soil through the surface can be adjusted result is a detergent wash shape, some of the wash area ; Car wash services, road, air and sea routes Tools cleaning, farm cleaning dairy cleaning, yard cleaning, cleaning of the silo, the cleanliness of the hotel, the cleanliness of the marina, the cleanliness of the pool, cleaning of heavy machinery, cleaning of Slaughterhouse storage tank cleaning Military and cleaning of municipal vehicles, dust soil exposed to tools and equipment, cleaning of muddy areas. Water capacity 9L / m, there are 155 bar pressure power is 2800 rpm engine speed, the applied focusing on areas with high pressure washer to clean the high pressure washer compared to made cleansing with a garden hose in water use 50 times less water waste will help to clean a cleaning fluids this difference can be higher when added.

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