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Product Details

Suma Grill D9, used for periodic cleaning of heavy oil deposits in food-related areas and the kitchen is a heavy duty degreasing agent.

Suma Grill D9, heavy oil furnace, used for periodic cleaning of the grid is very high and the salamander is an alkaline cleaning agents. Surface active agents, alkali and solvent mixture of this product was carbonized oils even removed. With the solution to be formed by the dilution of the product in frying pans can be cleaned.

Strong alkaline formula, cleans even carbonized oils.
Wet / dry vacuum cleaner and floor washing machine can be used in combination.
Bakery is effective in the cleaning of grids and salamanders and diluted state with a frying pan.
Long-tipped foam applicator makes it easy to extend the endpoint, prevents the formation of mist.
How to Use

Oven / grill cleaning:
1. Make sure that the application surface at 80 ° C (optimal 60-80 ° C)
2. spraying onto the surface of the equipment or product is applied directly
3. 5-30 minutes depending on the degree of soiling expected
4. Take the dirt with a soft brush
5. Hot, the surface is rinsed with clear water and left to dry

Frying pan cleaning:
1. The oil is filtered vanay closed
2. The water is charged to the oil level in the container
3. 0.5-1 L Suma Grill D9 is added for every 10 L of water (5-10% w / w) is used to determine the amount of water .Doldurul.
4. The frying pan is heated, boiled for 15-30 minutes so controlled
5. After cooling and discharging the dirt remaining in the pan is cleaned with a brush or pad
6. Rinse with warm clean water, allowed to dry

Grilled extractor cleaning:
1. be disassembled disassembled Grid
2. Each piece 50-100 Suma Grill D9 for every 1 L of hot water (5-10%) is suppressed by placing the prepared solution
3. allowed 15-60 minutes
4. Rinse with pure water, allowed to dry

Appearance: Clear, brown viscous liquid
Density [20 ° C]: 1.12
pH [1lik% in solution at 20 ° C]: 13.0