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Product Details

Suma Inox D7, ready for direct use on stainless steel surfaces not in contact with the food surface gloss.

Suma Inox D7, fridge, cooler caps, trolley and surfaces that come into contact with food, such as washing machines, stainless steel surface gloss is ready to use. Special oils in the content, provides protection for the surface and shine.


Forming a protective layer on the surface.
Provides a nice look of the surface, giving a nice glow.
Fingerprints and is resistant to water stains and protects the polished image for a long time.
How to Use

Suma Inox D7 is a product ready for use and should not be diluted. Follow us on spreyleyin.te and dry with a clean cloth and polish the surface on first.

Do not use on surfaces that come into contact with food

Technical Information

Appearance: Clear Liquid

Relative density (20 ° C): 0.83